Spring Cleaning Checklist

w/ De-Clutter Guide

Spring cleaning is what you make of it. If you are dreading it or are anxious about completing your spring cleaning, the best way to get everything done is by making a checklist.

Luckily for you, we've taken care of that for you complete with a de-clutter guide!

Spring Cleaning:

It's not just about deep-cleaning your home.

Spring is a time to clean up and dust around the house. It's also a time when we start preparing for the warmer months.

Sadly, it's very common to start your Spring Cleaning but not everyone finishes. This is most likely because you never put a plan into plan into place.

The best way to start planning is by creating a checklist!

... but it's not just about making a checklist either, is it?

Find out if you're making the top 10 de-cluttering mistakes!

De-cluttering isn't always easy but it definitely doesn't have to be hard! Sign up to receive your checklist and guide straight to your e-mail!

It's important to de-clutter first before you complete the cleaning. Otherwise, you will be repeating steps and your whole process will take a lot longer. Who wants that? NO ONE! To guide you to be the most productive as possible, I've built de-cluttering right into your Spring Cleaning Checklist to make it easier! 

The best tip I can give you is that it is important to be realistic when mapping out your spring cleaning and de-cluttering plan. Very few people can power through a Spring Cleaning weekend and complete everything as they intended. That is because unexpected things happen, plans change, we get tired/physically drained, we get stressed, or a multitude of other possible issues may pop up! It's important to know your tendencies and plan for them. The average person works1-3 hours at a time. PRO-TIP: Plan on giving yourself breaks to have a snack, a glass of water, or recharge during your scheduled times. Don't be hard on yourself, but also hold yourself accountable.


Speaking of accountability, it may be beneficial to give yourself a Spring Cleaning Accountability Buddy! Share this page with another person or group, share your schedule with each other, and give each other regular updates! Happy Spring Cleaning!

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