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PHL Organizer gets you organized, simplifies your day-to-day habits/routines, improves your overall quality of living, streamlines your life, helps you find needed balance, and helps you crush your goals.



Dear Future Client,


Life is WAY too short to sit back and let it pass you by. I believe that truly living is giving yourself permission to aim high. It is making the most of every area of your life including your home, work, and personal life while also having a realistic picture of where you are now. I believe that personal growth is essential to finding contentment and it gives you the ability to become the person you were meant to be. On top of those things, I want all of my clients to have a healthy view of where they want to be in the future. Are you sick of having regrets? Then it's time to stop making excuses. 


I believe living your life to the fullest doesn't necessarily mean living impulsively/living "in the moment". Living the mantra of " in the moment" can sometimes make you lose the big picture and cause you to sacrifice the things you've worked for or even your future. On the contrary, I believe living your life to the fullest actually means prioritizing your passions and your personal needs to create a world around you that makes you whole. By embracing intentional living, you will begin to improve every area of your life and start making each of the areas of your life that are important to you the best that they can be. Living intentionally gives you the ability to make your home your personal zen space and you will start working toward your passions and even *gasp* living for yourself... what is now called, self-care. Self-Care is the realization that putting yourself first helps you be the best you can be for not only yourself, for everyone around you. When you are at your best, you are more productive, happier, making more money, having more fun, and even better are relationships!

Most of all, I believe that 
the road to contentment and happiness is paved by every little choice you make each day. Each choice you make is a brick laid for your future. Are you laying valuable and high-quality bricks that each add up to a large and beautiful structure in the future? Or, are laying low-quality bricks without much passion or thought put into where you're even headed? Through my own challenging experiences, I've found that each of us has the opportunity to improve the quality of our lives by the paying to attention to how our own choices affect our own character, our habits and routines, and the choices we make for ourselves. 

Because of all of these beliefs and my own passions, I created PHL Organizer around all of these principles to ensure we foster growth in our clients. We are passionate about helping our clients create functional living spaces in any area of their home. We help our clients improve their lives. We simplify routines to maximize productivity and efficiency. We focus on quality not quantity. We work with people of diverse backgrounds and incomes. We care about the environment and the impact purging items no longer needed may have and we passionately mentor the benefits of mindful consumption for not only ourselves but for the environment. 


At the end of the day, you could say that we help our clients gain control of the life around them with a focus on health and happiness. Will you be next?


Laura Brooke

Professional Organizer, Coach

& Founder of PHL Organizer

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